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Code of Conduct (Adult)



Botanic Hockey Club (BHC) has adopted this Member Code of Conduct with the purpose of instilling a sense of pride into the way members conduct themselves both on and off the pitch.

Botanic’s ethos is participation and enjoyment by all, promotion of team work and club spirit, development of the individual player, commitment to excellence and success through healthy competition within the Club and contesting for honours at all levels.  Success is more than just winning.   Whilst we aim to be very competitive, we also strive to maintain a high degree of sportsmanship.

It should be remembered that the overriding spirit of the Code is that all members are ambassadors of Botanic Hockey Club, will actively promote the Club ethos on and off the pitch and will not, by word or action, do anything that will harm the reputation of the Club.

“Members” for the purposes of this Code includes all registered members, players, coaches, managers, selectors, committee members and umpires used by BHC.


The team Captain is responsible for the team and its conduct and should be given respect and support in that role by all team members.

The Captain may delegate certain jobs, e.g. safekeeping of balls and First Aid kit, after match refreshments and pavilion tidy up.  Players are expected to take on and perform these roles willingly.

Players are expected to help and support each other and their coach, including carrying out their roles on and off the pitch positively and willingly, where possible sharing lifts, volunteering for jobs, encouraging each other and being ambassadors for the sport and Club for example by joining in with post match hospitality.

All players are responsible for and expected to leave the pitch, pavilion and environs neat, tidy and clean after use.  So give a hand (e.g. pull back the nets, pick up bottles and cones etc., wash dishes, sweep up) and contribute to creating a supportive and happy BHC community.

Players must arrive in good time for the designated start of each match.  Players are normally expected to be available for matches at weekends.  If they are not available, they should inform their Captain at the earliest opportunity.  They should be prepared to be selected and to play for any of the Club teams.

Crying off late or failing to turn up for matches, without reasonable cause, is not acceptable.


All Club Members are expected to behave in an appropriate and sportsmanlike manner.   
Unacceptable behaviour, including behaviour that results in cards issued during matches, will be subject to review by the Club Committee and the member responsible may be subject to sanctions imposed by the Committee.

Members should particularly be aware of and adhere to the following: -

  1. Team management is responsible for decisions made during matches; players must respect the decisions and not show dissent.  They must carry out those decisions and directions positively and in good spirit.  On some occasions, responsibility may be delegated to the team Captain or another member.
  2. Members, including players, team management and supporters, must not use foul or abusive language at any time. The team captain is responsible for the behaviour of the squad, including the coach/manager, during a match and any request by the Captain with regard to behaviour etc must be respected and carried out positively and in good spirit.
  3. Players must respect the decision of the umpire at all times and must not show dissent.  The Captain is the only member of the team who may discuss decisions with the umpire.

Players should be aware that anyone suspended from the field of play by the umpire (yellow or red card) may also face the disciplinary sanctions imposed by the Leinster Hockey Association.


I will always:

  1. Treat Sports Leaders with respect, (including administrators, coaches, umpires, managers, children’s officers, committee members, selectors, Club officials, etc.).
  2. Look out for myself and the welfare of others.
  3. Play fairly at all times and do my best.  Be organised and on time.
  4. Tell a person in charge if I am leaving a venue or competition before a training session or match is declared over.
  5. Respect team members, even when things go wrong.
  6. Respect opponents, be gracious in victory or defeat.
  7. Abide by the rules set down by team managers/Club committee when travelling to away events, representing the club.
  8. Behave in a manner that avoids bringing Hockey in any way into disrepute.
  9. Be aware how my behaviour may appear to others, especially if it might be perceived as negative, discriminatory, disrespectful, exclusionary or that I have a bad attitude even though that is not my intention and do all I can to avoid such situations.
  10. Ensure my feedback is constructive and fair.  If I have nothing positive to say I shall say nothing.

I shall never:

  1. Cheat (which includes but is not limited to exaggeration, simulation, acting, breaking the rules intentionally and not being totally honest about events on the pitch).  The physical rules of hockey also apply to your conduct when not playing a match and for the avoidance of doubt violent, physical and intimidating conduct off the pitch is forbidden.
  2. Shout or argue with officials, team mates or opponents.
  3. Harm team members, opponents or their property.
  4. Bully or use bullying tactics to isolate another player, manager, Club member or to gain advantage.
  5. Take banned substances or play under the influence of alcohol or other drug for which I do not have a prescription.
  6. Behave inappropriately or in a manner which could bring my Club or hockey into disrepute.
  7. Keep secrets, especially if they have caused or could cause harm.
  8. Tell lies about adults / young people.
  9. Spread rumours or post comments on websites, email, phone messages, social media and twitter that are offensive or upsetting to other people or clubs.
  10. Discriminate against other players on the basis of gender, disability, social class, religion or nationality.

BHC recognises the particular vulnerability of young players and the need to encourage and nurture the young person’s personality and potential.  In that regard, BHC believes that parents / guardians, supporters and all players should:

  1. Be a role model for young players and maintain the highest standards of conduct when interacting with young people, other players, parents, officials and organisers.
  2. Never intentionally expose any young participant to embarrassment or disparagement by the use of flippant, negative or sarcastic remarks.
  3. Always recognise the value and importance of the officials and volunteers who provide sporting and recreational opportunity for young players.  Do not publicly question their judgement or honesty.  Respect Children’s Officers, Designated Persons, coaches, umpires, committee members, selectors, managers and other players.
  4. Be respectful, well mannered, good humoured and supportive in your support at matches and other events.  Please do not distract players, coaches, umpires etc.  If you are asked by a coach, umpire or other official to refrain from certain behaviour you are expected to show good example and co-operate.
  5. Encourage young people to play by the rules.  Teach young people that honest endeavour is as important as winning and do all you can to encourage good sportsmanship.
  6. Take an interest in the child’s/young person’s sport and support their participation.  
  7. Parents, Guardians and supporters should support all efforts to remove abusive behaviour and bullying behaviour in all its forms.
  8. If you are concerned about a young or other vulnerable person, tell someone.  BHC has a designated Children’s Officer or you may confide in a Committee Member, Coach or a senior member of the Club you trust.

Botanic Hockey Club will do all it can to support players and in particular young players and to uphold these values including where necessary disciplinary action for breaches of the codes.

All members of the Club, including Coaches, Managers, Umpires, Volunteers and Players are answerable to the Committee for their actions which reflect on the Club.  The Committee can investigate a matter which comes to its attention whether by formal complaint or otherwise.

Disciplinary action may take many forms following investigation by the Committee or designated sub-committee. Disciplinary action is at the discretion of the Committee and may include but is not limited to:

  • Warning
  • Exclusion from certain events including matches for a duration of the Committee’s discretion
  • Suspension from the Club for a duration of the Committee’s discretion
  • Request for an apology and/or other restorative action as agreed with the Club member involved
  • Should a Club member or person associated with the Club wish to raise an issue or make a complaint the first port of call is the Team Coach or Captain.  If neither of those people appear to be appropriate to raise the issue with or the issue is about them, the Team’s Committee representative can be approached and ultimately the Club Committee through any of the members.

Please do not be afraid to raise an issue of concern to you.  The Committee is here to help and we all want the Club to be a successful happy experience for all involved.

Where managers/coaches are experiencing difficulties with players and have tried unsuccessfully to resolve the issue with the player(s) they must bring the matter to the attention of the Committee as early as possible for assistance.

Club members are expected to participate fully, openly and honestly if asked to assist the Committee in investigating any issue.  The Committee will respect all members equally and endeavour wherever appropriate to conclude an investigation amicably for the good of the Club.

We wish you every success and a rewarding and positive experience at BHC.


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