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Click here for details on available Belfast Games Development Programme Registrations.

Belfast Games Development Programme

BGDP Rules & Conditions of Registering Teams

  1. Please ensure coach is included for each team.
  2. Please ensure only 1 designated lead coach per team.  e.g Coach-Joe Smith cannot be lead coach for Under 8 and Girls U11, only 1 lead coach per team from each Club.
  3. Team registrations are by invitation only- each club will need to ensure 1. There is a designated welfare officer who has completed training since June 2018 or plans to attend before the start of the season. 2. Have signed and returned/uploaded the SLA.  3. Have returned/uploaded a copy of Insurance.  This can be done in the "Club registration " section in Clubforce 
  4. Complete "Club registration" online via Clubforce. 
  5. Club registrations to be completed by 31 July. 
  6. All team registrations need to be completed by Friday 9th August
  7. Contact details are required for coaches- this is to ensure BelfastGDP can contact coaches in regards to any fixtures/ game info/ cancellations and other communications related to BelfastGDP.
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