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Notes re Membership application

  1. Instalment and Online Payment Options: If you would like to pay by instalment or pay online in a secure system, then you may do so through the link from our club web-site
  2. Cheque payment: If not paying online, cheque payment is the only other payment method recommended by the club. Cash payments are made at the sole risk of the applicant, as it is not possible to guarantee confirmation of any cash received through the membership box. Please return completed form with cheque made out to “St Sylvester’s GAA Club” to the Membership Box in the clubhouse or by post to Membership Registrar, St Sylvester’s GAA Club, No. 2 Church Road,
  3. Malahide, Co Dublin.
  4. Membership Cards: New (adult) members will receive a membership card in due course. You are entitled to attractive discounts in the clubhouse by using your membership card. Renewing members can continue to use their card from previous years. If you have lost your card, select the “Lost Card Renewal” option in our online membership system.
  5. Non payment of club fees runs the risk of a player being ineligible for cover under the GAA player insurance scheme and could also be a cause for his/her team to be disqualified from a competition.
  6. All membership applications and renewals are accepted subject to the rules of the Club Constitution. The club adheres to the Code of Best Practice in Youth Sport and as such, all players, parents and mentors, in applying for membership, agree to uphold the Code. In the event of an application not being accepted, any payments made will be refunded in full.
  7. Photography, CCTV and Images: It is club policy that our teams and our games may be photographed or filmed for coaching purposes, as part of match coverage in newspapers, for the use of our club website or for publicising our club. In applying for membership of St Sylvester’s GAA Club for you and/or your children you are hereby granting permission for the club to use such images in adherence with GAA guidelines {section 7 GAA code of best practice in youth sport} for the use of photography and filming.
  8. Parents/guardians are advised to liaise with their child/children’s team/section mentor(s) about any medical conditions that may affect their child/children's ability to participate fully in their sport or if their child/children are taking any form of medication.
  9. Please refer any queries you have about membership applications or renewals to email: or in writing to Membership Registrar, St Sylvester’s GAA Club, No. 2 Church Road, Malahide, Co Dublin.
  10. If you already have paid for family membership for 2015, then just select the Individual child category above. This is membership for 2016. If you wish to renew your family membership for 2016, you may deduct the fee paid here.  Alternatively you may select family membership now to cover your whole family until December 2016.
  11. This form covers both new applications and renewals.
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