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How to play

Support any of the Clubs or Societies listed on the website by entering their lotto fundraising draws which normally take place on a weekly basis.

Entering a lotto draw for the first time:
  • Find the Club/Society that you'd like to support and click on the PLAY ONLINE link.
  • You can enter your lines of numbers for up to a year in one go. Never miss a draw again!
  • When you've chosen your numbers you'll then be asked to enter your Contact Details so that we can send you the results of draws entered, inform you of any winnings and so on.
  • To finish your entry you'll then be asked for payment details.
After entering a lotto draw:
  • You'll be able to Login to your Account and keep track of all your entries and, for the lucky ones, any confirmed winnings.
  • Draw results and a summary of your entry, including how many draws are left to play, any confiirmed winnings to date, etc., wil be emailed to you after each draw has taken place.
  • Winnings are paid by cheque and sent to you by the Club/Society running the draws you'd entered.
  • When all draws on your playslip have taken place, re-enter your numbers at the click of a button.
  • Contact us at any time if you've a query or comment relating to your account or any draw entries.
Secure Credit Card Processing

Credit card payments are processed, online and in real-time, using SSL encryption technology, through the services of Realex Payments,, based in Dublin, Ireland. This is a secure, bank certified and approved payment-processing service.

A Players credit card details will not be saved or kept in any format by

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