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KC Multi Sports Camp Terms & Conditions?

KC Multi Sports Camp Terms & Conditions?

  • Kilmacud Glenalbyn Multi Sport Camps are open to children between the ages of 5 to 12 at the time the relevant Camp takes place.
  • The hours of the camps are 10.00 am to 3pm Monday to Friday for the duration of the relevant Camp. The Kilmacud Glenalbyn Sports Club shall not be responsible for any child left unsupervised by their parents or guardians outside these hours.
  • The Online Booking facility in respect of each Camp closes at noon on the last Thursday preceding the start of such Camp*. (*Subject to availability).
  • To avail of family discounts (for 2nd and 3rd children etc.) all bookings must be made in the one single transaction.
  • Kilmacud Glenablyn Sports Club reserve the right to make date / venue changes and/or cancellations if necessary and will not be held accountable or liable should activities be suspended or cancelled due to adverse weather or other events beyond our control (including but not limited to war, strike, riot, crime, plague, hurricane, flood, earthquake, pandemic and/or volcanic eruption).
  • In cases where coaching activities are suspended due to adverse weather conditions, Camp Co-ordinators will make reasonable efforts to supervise indoor activities – provided only that the relevant host club/venue can offer an indoor facility at no extra cost. If such an indoor facility is not or cannot be made available, the Camp Co-ordinator will make contact with all relevant parents/guardians. It will then be the responsibility of parents/guardians to make arrangements to collect their children from the Camp.
  • Kilmacud Glenalbyn Multi Sports Camp shall operate to the highest applicable standards but cannot be held liable or responsible for damages, injuries or loss of possessions of any participant. Parents/guardians of each participant are advised to obtain personal insurance to cover any such occurrences. We advise that all valuable items are left at home and we cannot be held liable for any lost property during any Camp.
  • Any misbehaviour by a Camp participant will result in such participant being suspended from the Camp and in the event of such suspension, no refund will be provided.
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