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Skerries Harps GAA Club - Capital Levy

Capital Levy

At the Skerries Harps GAA and Camogie Club AGM 2019 a motion was passed that a levy of €10 per member (excluding social and senior members) is introduced to provide a fund for future development including the ball wall and training all weather surface.

The reason is to ensure that should the club need to bridge a funding gap to finish out the project the levy is in place to demonstrate repayment capacity should it be necessary to borrow to complete the construction. In the event that borrowing is not required the levy can either be cancelled or continue to be collected but ringfenced for other capital work or to provide a sinking fund for out of the norm repairs, replacements and upgrades of facilities including the clubhouse.

The reason for this is that the day to day funds are not sufficient to meet additional loan repayments. Fundraising is increasingly difficult, and a levy spreads the burden across the entire membership for the benefit of members into the future.

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