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Drogheda Swim Club may wish to take photographs or video footage of activities that involve your child. These photographs may be used for purposes of posting images to our website/Facebook page, distributing the images to media outlets or including images in presentations which are designed to raise the profile of the club.

When filming or photography is carried out by us or the news media, children may be named individually, particularly if they have been successful at an event or gala. However, photography will always be conducted in accordance with the Swim Ireland photography policy, i.e. children must wear t-shirts and shorts/tracksuits or club kit for poolside shots. ‘Action’ shots with children in swimming attire only which capture the nature of the sport are acceptable.

A parent can request to see photographs of their child held on file by us at any time. Parental
permission for photography can also be withdrawn at any time.

I agree that my child’s name and identity may be revealed in descriptive text or commentary in connection with the image(s). This only refers to local media we will not put child’s name & photo together on either our website or Facebook page.

  • I agree to pay all club and related fees incurred by the above whilst a member of Drogheda Swimming Club.
  • I agree/disagree to have photographs of my child displayed on Drogheda Swimming Club’s website, Facebook page and in local media articles.
  • I agree to commit to the Parent Roster and understand that under Swim Ireland’s rules and regulations for Child Safety in Sport, the club is obliged to have a responsible adult on the bank at all times during training sessions.
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 Managing Member Data