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Athenry AFC

Online Poker Classic Rules and Regulations

1. Fee paid by credit/debit card, give your name, address, phone number and username you wish to use on the night. We will inform you if the usename is already taken and instruct you to choose another.

2. You will then be added to the WhatsApp group which gives full instructions for download of the app and how to register for game. You must register 24 hours prior to game.

3. €40 freeze out ie. no rebuys or add ons.

4. Antes start at 50 small blind, 100 big blind and increase every 15 mins.

5. It is important that you have a reasonable internet connection. You may play on phone with 4G also.
Time clock is 10 seconds.

5. App disclaimer, the club is not responsible for glitches any loss of connection or an automatic fold by the app.

6. It is advised that players become familiar with the app prior to playing tournament. (Pokerrrr2)

7. In the case of disputes, the committees decision is final.

8. Limited to 180 players.

9: Texes Hold'em Poker.

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