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Welcome to the official Lotto and payment processing website of Dicksboro GAA in Co. Kilkenny. The Dicksboro GAA Lotto draws which run on a weekly basis play a huge part in the fundraising and development efforts of our GAA Club.

We encourage all of our members, ex-members and community to play the Dicksboro GAA fundraising lotto. We also hope that we can all work together to promote this lotto and help get back in touch with Dicksboro People who may now be living all over Ireland and the world. 

So when you buy a ticket, click the Facebook button to share that fact with your friends worldwide. You can also plant your Club flag where ever you are in the world!

Dicksboro GAA Club Weekly Lotto Rules

The Purpose of our Lotto is to raise funds for ongoing Club Development

1)    Minimum Jackpot €2000.

2)    Weekly Ticket costs €2. Select four numbers to win or share the Jackpot from numbers range of 1 to 32 incl.

3)    In the event of two or more winners of the Jackpot on the same night the jackpot will be shared.

4)    Draw each Thursday night (Last online tickets accepted at 9.30PM)

5)    Jackpot increases by €150 per week if no winner.

6)    In addition to Jackpot, Lucky dip prizes totalling €295 will be drawn + 2 x Hurlers Co-Op draw tickets.

7)    The maximum Jackpot allowable under gaming and lotteries act is €20,000.

8)    Four numbers are drawn each week from the draw drum containing 32 numbered balls.

9)    Tickets are then checked for Jackpot winner/s following which all tickets are entered into the draw drum and draws for consolation prizes totalling €295 + 2 x Hurlers Co-Op draw tickets takes place.

10)    Prizes must be claimed within Six days of the draw.

11)     Permit granted by Kilkenny District Court.

12)    When maximum Jackpot is reached (€20,000) then a second jackpot is started at €2,000 and continues to increase by €150 per week. Play continues each week for the €20,000 until won – only then will play commence for the new Jackpot.

13)    Some additional seasonal prizes may be added at Christmas each year.

14)    Full details of all tickets sold by each individual seller are recorded each week and retained as part of club records.

15)    The total amount of income from these sales is tallied, recorded and lodged to the club’s bank account. A full detail of this income is advised to all members at the Club’s AGM each year.

16)    At the end of each calendar year Ticket sellers whose sales exceed 1750 tickets receive a ‘Thank you’ payment of €400.

17)    When the four numbers are drawn from the drum and in order to ensure that the draw is carried out in a fair and honest manner the relevant tickets containing the numbers drawn out are crossed checked by members of the lotto committee and all are then retained in the club safe for some weeks in the event of a recheck being necessary.

18)    Results are published each week in the local notes of the Kilkenny People & through our Social Media Channels; result sheets are also available in local shops.

19)    In the event of numbers selected on weekly tickets being difficult to read (i.e. A Four looking like a Seven etc) or where numbers are wrongly entered every effort is made to contact the buyer or the Ticket seller to clarify the correct numbers. If this is not possible the lotto committee by majority decision decide on what the entry was intended to be and correct the ticket accordingly. The decision of the Lotto Committee in this instance is final.

20) The current Lotto committee as identified by the club are:
       Aidan Maher, Kitty Phelan,Jonie Knox,Jim Murphy,Tom Beirne and Tom Knox.

21) In the event of the second Jackpot reaching €20,000 before the initial Jackpot has been won the Executive committee will review the situation and may decide to draw a number of tickets and divide the initial Jackpot.

Best of Luck,

Aidan Maher
Chairman Club Lotto Committee
Dicksboro GAA
Co. Kilkenny

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