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Welcome to the official Lotto website of Quay Celtic F.C in Co. Louth .  The Quay Celtic F.C Fundraising Lotto draws which run on a weekly basis play a huge part in the fundraising efforts of our Football Club.  

We encourage all of our ex members and community to play the Quay Celtic F.C fundraising lotto.  We also hope that we can all work together to promote this lotto and help get back in touch with people from Dundalk, Louth who may now be living all over the world.
Any four numbers are selected from 1 to 24. If anybody matches the four numbers selected on the night he/she wins/shares the Jackpot. If anybody matches any three numbers selected on the night he/she wins/shares €50.  If there is no match 3 winner there are Lucky Dip prizes.   Tickets cost €2 each.

Your continued support is much appreciated and we wish you good luck in future draws.

Best of Luck,
Quay Celtic F.C Lotto Committee
Quay Celtic F.C

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