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St Brides GFC

St. Brides History

St. Brides were founded in 1927 by Fr. Seamus Quinn upon his return to the Parish as Parish Priest. St Brides enjoyed their best period on the football field between 1933 and 1943 having won every competition within the county except for the second division.

The 50ís was a busy time off the football field. In 1952, Fr Quinn died and it was agreed that a football field would be purchased and it would be named in his honour.

The field was purchased for £400.00, a fundraising campaign kicked into gear for the development of field. The pitch located on the Stephenstown road was opened on May 1st 1955. Also in 1952 it was agreed to build a club house in the village where the health centre is now located. The building cost £500.00 and opened on 23rd July 1953.

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