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Nenagh AFC Brickfields Ltd. is a limited company, set up in 1996, with the aim of providing facilities for Nenagh AFC. In its twelve year existance, Nenagh AFC Brickfields Ltd has had remarkable success. Its first project was the purchase of the 12 acres of land on the Old Birr Road. This was done by asking almost 80 members to contribute 500 each at that time to secure the purchase of the site. It then established a club Lotto to develop the grounds. After erecting security fencing around the entire site, work on raising the level of the entire site almost immediately and the development of the pitches began in the early part of this decade.

An all-weather Astroturf pitch with floodlighting was added in 2002, along with temporary dressing rooms and toilet/showering facilities. Very shortly after this the pitches were open for playing and training. The last phase of the pirch development was completed in 2007. Work on the clubhouse began in January 2008 and will take ten months to complete. Following on from this, it is planned to erect floodlighting in the grounds and to develop the main pitch to the highest standards.

Nenagh AFC Brickfields Ltd has received much support over its short history. It has applied successfully on two occasions to The Department of Arts, sport and tourism for sports capital funding. It has received major grants from the Local Authorities and has also been supported by the Footbal Association of Ireland and the Munster Football Association. The majority of its support comes locally through its weekly Lotto and through advertising in its grounds.

Nenagh AFC Brickfields Pitch

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