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Erins Own GAC

Brief History of Erin's Own GAC, Cargin - Founded 1928..

An enthusiastic young curate called Fr. Dan Magennis, shortly after his arrival into the parish of Duneane, founded Erin's Own GAC in 1928. The fresh-faced young priest was to provide the inspiration for the initial structuring of the new unit of Cumann Luthcleas Gael. The name Erin's Own was the suggestion of Mr o Connor, a schoolteacher working in the area at the time. Mr. O Connor was to move from the area shortly after the clubs formation. He moved to Lavey Co Derry, and when a club was formed in that area he was again instrumental in naming it Erin's Own.

Only a few years previous to the formation of Erin's Own, 1923, Lamh Dearg Toome, had won the Antrim Senior Football Championship. It is ironic that less than a generation later Lamh Dearg had faded from the scene, whilst the club they had given inspiration to Erin's Own had grown immeasurably.

In their formative years the Erin's Own men found the going tough, both in terms of silverware attained and establishing a firm base. It was not until 1937 that they collected their first County title, and not until 25 years later that a permanent home was established.

Surprisingly their first County title was won in Hurling as part of an amalgation with near neighbours Creggan Kickhams and Tir Na Nog winning the 1937 Junior Hurling Championship.Erin's Own is now a football only club despite its duel status in its formative years.

The major breakthrough came for the Cargin men in 1953 when 25 years after their birth they won the County Junior Football title, and more importantly achieved senior status for the first time.

Erin's Own took up residence at their new base at shore road, Toome in the early 1960s and it is at this ground that they have flourished both on and off the field. Since their arrival at this ground they have collected a whole host of titles, moving steadily to the forefront of Antrim club football.

As Erin's Own stand on the threshold of the 2003 season they do so with anticipation, as they embark on their pursuit of the furtherance of a vibrant unit of the association.

A major development plan is underway which will create a second full size pitch with floodlighting and the installation of an all weather training area. This is the first phase of a development that will also see the erection of additional changing facilities as well as spectator accommodation.

Thus the club formed by Fr Magennis on the northeastern shore of Lough Neagh; right on the Derry border, has travelled a long way on its 75-year journey. A journey often fraught with difficulty, and disappointment but the men from Cargin have endured, instilled with a passion, and inspired by the efforts of their fore bearers they will continue to carry the torch of Cumann Luthcleas Gael ignited by the spark of the men of 1928. The flame still burns bright in the parish of Cargin.

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